Our Story

Moonstruck Botanica was created in 2020 by artists and fellow witches KTB and Lauryn. We were inspired by the idea that our physical environments impact the way that we think, feel, and act. Through spending time in nature, and learning to care for plants we are convinced that one of the greatest ways to improve your mood is to surround yourself by nature and art. Part of the problem with this is that surrounding yourself with more 'stuff' does have a negative environmental impact.

For us, Moonstruck Botanica is a feeling, a mood, and a whole vibe. Our mission is to curate a collection of eco conscious art which will allow you to transform your space in a way that will help you connect with your heart and creativity. 

Furniture and home decor is made by transforming reclaimed items into magical statement pieces that enchant your home with inspiration. By reclaiming and repairing older furniture and home decor we are helping to keep more 'stuff' out of landfills. This also allows each piece to be unique, and truly one of a kind. 

Our illustration and printable collection is shaped to compliment our home decor and be used as tools in your spiritual practice. 

(Shop owners: Lauryn Yovino & KTB at Pink Heart 2022)